Meet Shan Boodram the New Face of Sex Ed

Meet Shan Boodram the New Face of Sex Ed

Written by Rebecca Haithcoat

Photographed by Bryan Rodner Carr


Think of Shan Boodram as the Walmart greeter of sex and relationships. “I’m not trying to be back in aisle 12 with the butt plugs,” says the 32-year-old clinical sexologist and host of the Facebook series Make Up or Break Up. “My goal is getting to the heart of intimacy. You don’t have to have a shitty love life or sex life.” 

Growing up in Toronto, Boodram was so sexually precocious that her parents banned her from stripping her Barbie dolls. But as she matured, a string of less than stellar sexual experiences left her baffled. “I was 19 and thought, This can’t be it. There’s no way all these movies were made about this thing that’s awful,” she says. After a summer spent reading sex books with “great info packaged in the most boringest way,” she found her niche: marrying erotic enticement with smart sex education. A book followed—a collection of first-person testimonies entitled Laid—and a YouTube presence bloomed.

More than 20 million views later, “Shan Boody” is one of the most respected new sexperts in the pop-psych sphere—but she’s missing one staple of a millennial sex life. “I never get dick pics,” she says a little wistfully. “I wouldn’t mind getting some!”


Shan Boodram is author of The Game of Desire: 5 Surprising Secrets to Dating with Dominance — and Getting What You Want